Fairy games

Pin the Wings on the Fairy- Enlarge a picture of a fairy which you desire. Tape this to the wall and make gold wings for each party guest to have a go at getting the wings on the target, the fairy! who ever gets in closest to the target wins.

Fairy Frolic
-Play some very fairy music while your fairies dance and flutter about as magic fairies will.  When the music is stopped  any body left moving are out of the game.  Let the music and dancing continue until there is only one person left.

Musical Mushrooms
 - Cut large mushroom shapes from a strong form of material.  Add red spots for color.  Provide one fewer mushrooms than the number of guests at your party. Start the music and have the children walk in a circle around the mushrooms, until you stop the music.When the music stops everyone tries to sit on a vacant mushroom ( chair). The player who doesn't find an open mushroom is out. One mushroom is taken away and the game continues until only one person is left.

Fairy, Fairy, Troll - Played like Duck Duck Goose with players tapping each person on the head with their fairy wands.

Pixie Pass the Parcel - Wrap lollies or chocolate in layers of paper to make a parcel.  Guests should sit in a circle and pass the parcel while music plays. When the music stops, the player holding the parcel get to open a layer.  The winner the gets to keep whats inside!