Sparkles and Glitter the fairy entertainers


Welcome sparkles and glitter, the only fairy best friends in Melbourne!

Sparkles and Glitter are magical fairies from an enchanted tree in Meryland. On very special occasions the two fairies leave there magical forest to celebrate birthdays with lucky girls and boys. These magic fairies have very secret tricks and activities which they want to share with you! Activities include face painting, puppets shows, sing-alongs, treasure hunts and a special performance from the two fairies themselves! So invite sparkles and Glitter to your party, get dressed up and become a little fairy helper.

Fairy Sparkles and Fairy Glitter have been very fairy buddies since they were very little. They attended fairy school together and are sure they will be best friends for life.

Fairy Sparkles is a working with children’s member and lives with her little sister and brothers. Fairy Glitter also has a little brother.

Sparkles and glitter have been performing since they were little tots, doing singing and dancing lessons as well as many acting classes. These girls are engaging and will keep children entertained for hours.