Face painting

Face paintings is among the most popular activity for hired fairies to use at children fairy parties.  It is very simple , easy and a guarantied hit!

Popular designs include butterflies, flowers, and animals modified to     suit little elf’s as well as little fairies

 Butterfly design:
Face Paint Colours needed:
Bright Pink, Yellow, Purple, various for decoration (pale pink, electric gold, purple)

1. Using a sparkle white or even plain white. Cover the eye area to give a smooth blending base.

2. Bright pink is a favourite for butterflies, apply it using the rounded side of the sponge in a sweeping motion round each eye to give wing shapes.

3. To highlight the centre of the wings use yellow, blend it out into the pink to give three different colours

4. Now your butterfly needs a body, from the top dot a curly anteni to finish the head.

5. Now for the finishing touches, add to the wings  using a variety of colours.  Paint the lips using purple sparkles and a wet brush. Using a damp brush add some gold glitter to the butterflies body!