Hired fairies

  Hired fairies are enthusiastic performers, which provide entertainment for special occasions. Hired fairies put on shows (usually dancing and singing) as well as provide games and activities to keep the guests entertained, this includes face painting, fairy craft, fairy puppet shows, fairy sing-along and some times even cooking. They usually perform parties but can also me involved in other events such as festivals, private functions, hospitals, parks, school fairs, weddings, engagements, christenings and so much more! Although hired fairies specialise in younger children’s parties they are also for all ages. Hired fairies are also very unique; each person that is a hired fairy has their own names, style, clothing, personality and even a individual type of fairy! Types of fairies include, bubbles fairies, rainbow fairies, the tooth fairy, garden fairy and many more. Although each hired fairy will have a different party routine, this website will give some information on what involved and how to locate a hired fairy of their own! Sparkles and glitter are a dynamic duo which will give your next party a magical twist!

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