Fairy outfits leave lots of room for your own creativity. Most often, you can create it on your own with clothing that's lying around in your closet!

A fairy can't do without her wings, so start with an extravagant, sparkly and colorful set.

Next get a colourful dress, no need to stick to one colour, the more layers the better.

Then add some matching shoes. You could even add some bells.

The most important accessory is your hair clips make sure they are bright and exciting to go with you elegant hair style.

Finally your makeup should be the centre of attention and make your face bright, happy and exciting. Remember that you will be doing others makeup so you’ll need to make it perffectttt!

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    Hired fairy

    i myself have become a birthday party fairy or "hired fairy". i am constantly discovering new ideas and ways for all you other fairies to improve your activities and give you some great ideas for your next party!


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